To – Do List: Stress – Free Week


1. Download the Relax Melodies app. It offers relaxing melodies that will help you fall asleep, concentrate or quickly meditate.

2. Drink chamomile tea.

3. Set your alarm for an hour earlier than it usually is. Wake up, stretch, take a nice shower, drink some warm water with lemon, and make yourself a delicious breakfast.

4. Go to bed an hour early so you can have a full, eight hours sleep.

5. Turn off your phone, TV, and computed for a while. Take that time off to read (doesn’t matter what as long as it’s on paper), meditate, write, paint, organize your room.

6. Do not procrastinate! Make an effort and finish any work you have left in your schedule. Once you do it, you will feel more relax (like you got 10 pound out of your system).

7. Had a rough day? Go take a bath and spend the night doing whatever you want. Don’t have enough time? You can treat yourself in much simpler ways; take the phone and call a friend, make a quick stop at Walgreens (a.k.a. Heaven) and buy a pretty polish or go home and enjoy a glass of wine. Just do anything that will take your mind away from stressing thoughts.


Remember: Life is short to be stressing over everything. Relax, take a deep breath. Tomorrow will be a new day.

See you later…



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