Outdoor Summer Wedding Guide

Outdoor summer wedding


Are you getting married? Congratulations girl! If you’re not, it’s fine! It’s not like I’m getting married any time soon either. Anyways, for those of you who are planning a summer wedding or are just interested I got you some tips to make that day extra perfect.


1. Location

The weather is unpredictable, look for a place that haves outdoor and indoor venues.  You can also rent a tent to held the reception.

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2. Save the date

Summer is the prime time for vacations. Send an announcement to your guests once you pick the date. You don’t have to include specific details, just a notification to get your wedding marked on everyone’s calendar in advance.

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3. Styling

Be fabric wise. Opt for a gown made of fabrics that breathe, such as chiffon, cotton, organdy, and crepe. Please, stay away from silk! Dont forget, this also applies to the fiancé.

Bride, why don’t you try airbrush makeup? After all, it’s nature proof (sweat, water, and even tears).

Warn your guest. Specify on the invitation about the weather or stipulate a dress code according to the location and weather conditions.

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4. Flowers

Lets be real. Planning a wedding gets overwhelming. Don’t frustrate yourself trying to find flowers that won’t be available during the summer. Concentrate on the seasonal flowers and arrange your bouquets from that group.

Keep your wedding flowers cool before the ceremony. Perhaps keep them in a fridge (like you bouquet) or in a room with air conditioning.

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5. Welcome gift bags

Welcome your guests with a “survival bag”. Include hand fans, travel size sunscreen, and sunglasses. If you’re having a beach ceremony, include a pair of flip flops. Old Navy always throw amazing deals on flip flops during summer season.

Put a bottle of water in every guest seat during the ceremony. You can even customize the bottle labels.

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6. Beat the heat

Arrange your wedding on the early evening or late afternoon. During morning and midday the sun is at its strongest which can be a mood killer.

During the ceremony, have someone give the guests cold hand towels so they can refresh a little.

The sun will make those sit smoking hot (and not in a good way). Try to get fabric cushions so that your guests don’t burn their butts and legs.

Make sure your venue offers some shade or air conditioning. If not, you can rent a tent that include portable air conditioning.

Summer is also known as heat which means your guest will get extra thirsty. An easy way to keep them happy is establishing a self-serve bar. It can be a simple table with infuse waters, nice cups, and lots of ice.

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7. Food

Stay away from heavy, creamy appetizers since they tend to spoil faster.

Serve frozen drinks at your bar and always have water accessible.

Go for fresh fruits and vegetables, cold seafood, and grilled chicken as they are heat friendly and full of summer favors.


And remember, have fun on your special day!




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