6 Ways to Style: Sweaters

Workplace appropriate

fashion, sweater for work

When wearing a sweater for work there are two important factors to consider: color and fabric. If you have to follow an office dress code,try to go for neutral colors. These will make you look more professional and “serious” (in a good way). For fabric, pick a sweater with minimal to no holes. Lets avoid the uncomfortable conversation with Carl from HR.


The Cropped Top Look

cropped top sweater fashion

Cropped sweater can pull off a cute preppy look in no time. Style them with high waisted skirts or jeans, either way will look good.


Laid Back Style

laid back style sweater comfortable fashion

These kind of laid back looks are my everyday for college. I swear, I could live in leggings all year long.


Elegance Feel

embellished sweater style fashion party look

An embellished sweater can be really dressy when it’s match with the correct items. Metallic A-line skirts create an elegant vibe and go beautifully with a nice sweater.


Everyday Look

sweater everyday look fashion jeans

A typical everyday look consist of jeans…


More Everyday Look

everyday look sweater fashion skirt

of course, some of us like to rock a skirt at the grocery store.

(Excuse me if these looks aren’t “warm” enough. I live in the tropic where a normal winter day is like 75oF degrees. lol)







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